Gel pads for false eyelashes 10 pcs

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Lashes Pro® gel pads perfectly follow the shape of the eye, are elastic and adapt to
each eye shape easily.
  • Lashes Pro® gel mats are ultra-thin, so the gel layer doesn´t penetrate the eye and

does not cause unpleasant eye irritation.

  • When applied, they perfectly adhere along the lower lash line to the eye area and

perfectly cover the lower lashes.

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  • They have the best grip on the cheekbones.
  • Working with them is pleasant and easy.
  • Gel pads are elastic, so you can place them where needed easily.
  • The pads are extra white, for perfect contrast with black false eyelashes, you will simply see the thinnest and tiniest eyelash
  • Pad doesn´t run fibres, so you won´t catch in it with tweezers while working
  • Removing pads does not leave residual dirt on the skin and is a painless proces.
  • Used for eyelash extensions. Remove skin and eye area with Make-up
  • remover thoroughly. Remove the pads from the package and peel the
  • protective film off. Apply pads to the lower eyelid and cover all lower lashes.
  • At the end of the false eyelash application, slowly and painless remove
  • pads from the eye area
  • Great for all false eyelash extensions, both initial and advanced. They hold in place and do notslide down.
 Note: Do not use pads in case of allergic reactions. It must not touch the eyes.
Use immediately after opening the pad.
10 sachets, each sachet is individually sealed and contains 2 gel pads. One-use
only. Use immediately after opening.