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  •             Primer, Cleansing Foam and 10 Lashes PRO under eyes Gel Pads

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For perfect retention

Long life cycle of the artificial lashes and their long life depends not only on a lash artist´s skills but also on products s/he uses at work.

Preparing natural lashes for further work cannot do without perfect make-up removal and removing all impurities or grease using the Cleansing foam Lashes PRO. As soon as the lashes are absolutely clean, just use Primer Lashes PRO, which hydrates lashes and this was supports a perfectly firm connection of fusion and natural lash.

Products included in the set:

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    Lashes Pro® gel pads perfectly follow the shape of the eye, are elastic and adapt to each eye shape easily. Lashes Pro® gel mats are ultra-thin, so the gel layer doesn´t penetrate the eye and does not cause unpleasant eye irritation. When applied, they perfectly adhere along the lower lash line to the eye area and perfectly cover the lower...

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           Gentle professional preparation with low PH.        Perfect degreasing and preparation of lashes for prolongation.        Ensures 100% fusion, therefore connection of the fusion Lashes PRO Fusion and lashes.        Nourishes lashes.

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           Wooden brush for an application of the foam FREE OF CHATGE!        Does not burn or irritate mucosa.        Gentle hydroallergeneous composition.        Without artificial tensides, foamers and solvents.        Perfectly cleans dirt and remains of any makeup.        First step in the preparation of natural lashes for the artificial lash...

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