Cleansing foam for lashes PRO 50 ml

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  •        Wooden brush for an application of the foam FREE OF CHATGE!
  •        Does not burn or irritate mucosa.
  •        Gentle hydroallergeneous composition.
  •        Without artificial tensides, foamers and solvents.
  •        Perfectly cleans dirt and remains of any makeup.
  •        First step in the preparation of natural lashes for the artificial lash application.
  •        For professional use.

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Perfectly clean lashes ready to be prolonged

Cleansing foam Lashes PRO is a perfect help to prepare natural lashes of your clients for the application of the artificial ones. Only sticks to well cleaned and dry natural lashes without a problem and provides prolonged life cycle and durability to artificial lashes.

a TIP of a lash artist Dana: "Reach for the cleansing foam Lashes PRO even for the everyday cleaning of eyes. I use it myself at home and I recommend it to my clients as well as friends. Nicely and gently removes the remains of mascara, eye shadows, make-up etc. around eyes."

Gentle composition of the cleansing foam decreases a risk of irritation and the foam is also suitable for gentle skin around eyes. Cleansing foam Lashes PRO does not contain SLS or SLES substances. There are no betaines, parabens, pigments, alkyl sulphates or polyquaternium.

Instruction Manual:

Foam Lashes PRO is used in a similar was to a classic shampoo. Shake the foam bottle before using. Use the pump to apply the right amount of cleansing foam on the brush and apply in the direction the lash grows - from the roots to the ends. At the end, rinse the foam well and dry lashes well.

It is recommended to repeat the process at least twice, and if needed, it can be repeated more times until lashes are completely degreased and cleaned of any make-up.

After cleaning lashes with the foam, next step is degreasing natural lashes using Primer.

Safety precautions:

The foam is exclusively for professional use. Keep the preparation for cleansing lashes out of the reach of children and store it in a dark and dry place in a solid, closed container.

Even though the content of the preparation eliminates irritation around eyes, some exceptional cases of discomfort may still occur after its use. In such case, rinse the affected area immediately by clean water and consult any further use of the preparation with a physician.

The preparation for cleaning is not assigned for internal use, it must not come into a direct contact with eyes and never use it if you suffer from skin problems or open wound close to eyes.

Content: Di-water. Decyl glucoside, Sodium Cocoyl glutamate, Sodium Lauryl glucose carboxylate, Lauyl glycoside, Citric acid, Sodium gluconate, Sodium benzoate, Ylang ylang oil.