5D 0.07mm Camellia Volume Lashes – Loose 500 fan

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  •       Every 5D fan is made up of five lashes in two lengths, thereby creating a very luscious and natural look, emulating the natural growth of lashes.
  •       There are 400 - 500 finished fans in every package.
  •       Stunningly light, soft with a thin, firm and conveniently long connection for easy application and perfect artificial lashes adhesion.
  •       All fans are perfectly symmetrical (the spacing between the individual lashes is the same). They beautifully emulate natural lashes and help create amazing volume.
  •      The fans are loosely placed in a plastic cup. For lashes on adhesive tapes, select Camellia Premium.

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Artificial Lashes for Amazingly Natural Volume

Two different lengths of lashes in one fan – this is the secret of Camellia Volume Lashes natural look!

Thanks to its design, this modern fan emulates the natural growth cycle of lashes, where some lashes are always a bit shorter than others. Therefore, you will be able to create an infinitely natural and full-textured set of lashes quickly and easily.

Despite their natural look, the created sets don’t lack volume – on the contrary, they look beautifully thick, fluffy and airy. This is all possible primarily thanks to its perfect symmetry and the fact that the fans are made of the highest quality material, cutting your worktime in half compared to having to create all the lashes by hand.

How to work with Camellia artificial lashes?

Tip from lash artist, Dana: Working with Camellia Volume Lashes is no different from applying natural fans. You have to keep two things in mind:

Firstly – Camellia lashes are made up of more lengths of artificial lashes in one fan, these lengths always differ by 2mm. When selecting and applying Camellia fans, always go by the longest lash length in the fan. In reality – if you are used to applying 11mm lashes on the outer corner of the client’s eye, select 11mm Camellia fans, with 11mm and 9mm alternating fans.

Secondly – During application, follow the traditional lash map that you are used to following for the given client. Camellia Volume Lashes will take care of the expected fluffy, natural look on their own. This type of fan is also suitable for advanced, “Kim K” type lash styling.

Further information:

  •                These lashes are among the best on the European market.
  •                The application is similar to the lash-to-lash method (1:1).
  •                The fans are sprinkled in a plastic cup.
  •                Intended for professional use.